Friday, October 01, 2004

Why Kerry Will Pressure Israel to Negotiate with Arafat As president, Kerry has told us that he will turn to Bill Clinton for guidance on the Middle East. Kerry is also likely to try to bring U.S. policy in line with the European Union approach (which is highly supportive of Arafat). The American Jewish community should ask itself these questions: Who, as president, is more likely to INSIST that the Palestinians dismantle terrorist organizations and disarm them, Bush or Kerry? What is the best approach for strengthening anti-terrorist forces within Palestinian society, Mr. Bush's policy of giving Arafat the cold shoulder, or the European Union policy, of support for Arafat, and glossing over his involvement in terror? If John Kerry, as president, follows Bill Clinton's strategies, he will be on a collision course with Israeli majority opinion. A policy collision with the Kerry administration will be to the great detriment of Israel, and will constitute a major victory for Islamic terrorism, since Israel is on the front lines in the terrorist war.


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